Blogging – Quality Versus Quantity

If you are blogging and writing content yourself for your blog, you probably have considered how many blog posts to write. The more you write the more points of entry your blog has for visitors to find you and keep them interested on your blog.

However, as the quantity of your posts goes up, the quality of the posts tends to go down. If you took a week to research and write a great blog post, you would, in theory, have a great quality post. But, at that rate you would only have 52 blog posts in a given year.

On the other hand, if you are churning out utter garbage for your blog posts, but can get out 20 posts a day, you have tons of points of entry for people to stumble upon your blog, but few people would want to return.

I’ve built both models before. I’ve run a network of thousands of directory websites where I paid people to write content–often very low quality content, but tons of pages of content nonetheless. I’ve also had blogs like the Learn To Be Rich game blog where I personally write the content and take the time required to, in my opinion, make it worth reading.

So, which is better? Well, I think you need to find a balance. I think you need to write consistent new and fresh content for your blog, but should take some time to make sure you are giving value.

I believe, deep down, that you are paid in proportion for the value you add and you can add value by educating and sharing with good content. Now some people would argue, if you are paid by adding value, how do you explain people that get paid well for writing tons of low quality garbage posts? They are (and when I did it, I was) getting paid for bringing value not to the reader, but bringing it to the advertisers that were advertising on the site. I got eyeballs on the their ads and since the content was horrible, the felt compelled to seek answers elsewhere and elected to seek it on the advertisers website.

As an aside, I had to explain once, under oath at a deposition, why someone would consider having really bad content on their website. It amazed the attorneys, but it does make sense that if you want people to click on ads and not hang out on a website, the worse the content is the more likely they are to click away from the site. If you give them ads to do that with, you can be financially rewarded for doing so. This is not to suggest that you do that, but it is something to consider.

What I do actually recommend is a healthy combination of great quality posts and a moderate quantity; the phrase, “everything in moderation” comes to mind.

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