Hypnotic Writing For Blogs – How to Write So That Your Readers Keep Coming Back

Do you know what are readers looking out for when reading a blog? Here is the secret if you are still in the dark: satisfaction. Most people look for satisfaction and pleasure when they are on the lookout for ANYTHING. Yes, anything, including reading blogs! PSP gamers look for gaming blogs because they feel satisfied after reading a game review. Women look for cosmetics blogs because they feel satisfied, even though they did not make any purchase! People read ghost stories because they feel satisfied (although I don’t know why!) That is the strange thing about humans – the need to feel satisfied all the time.

So, how do you satisfy these strange human beings with words? You need to start using words that will capture their attention, and make them feel that they are getting more out of you than you are getting out of them.

1. Using the word “because”. You are reading this article ‘because’ you wish to know how to write better. You are still poor and pathetic ‘because’ you are working a 9-5 job. You are single ‘because’ you do not how to communicate your feelings. If you are able to answer a question using ‘because’, your readers will naturally be drawn to read your blog, again & again. Because you used the word ‘because’.

2. Using the word “you”. ‘You’ are the best in the world. ‘You’ make my day. ‘You’ have a good personality. Pay attention to the structure of these sentences. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how good ‘I’ was mentioned to be. What matters is that the author is making references to ‘me’, and that makes ‘me’ feel important.

3. Using the word “imagine”. ‘Imagine’ that you are the world’s richest man. ‘Imagine’ that you can travel around the world with no financial difficulties. ‘Imagine’ that you are the world’s most beautiful princess. The word ‘imagine’ sparks a train of thoughts in the readers’ minds, allowing them to explore their wildest fantasties. However, over-using this word can make your blog look ‘fake’ and silly. Imagine that each blog post requires you to imagine. Imagine that each product that you promote requires some kind of imagination. Imagine that you can write better. Imagine…..aww.

4. Using “previews for the next blog post”. This works very well if your blog is getting good traffic. Just like we watch drama series, we are always curious about what is going to happen next. Humans are curious creatures. Let’s see how this works. For example, let’s say your blog is on weight loss and today’s post is on ‘how to lose belly fats’. At the end of this very post, you can include a footer that says ‘next post – how to lose thigh fats’. This, again, will draw your readers to come back for your next post. This is such a good idea, but I wonder why so many bloggers are missing out on this.

By using the above recommendations, your readership will only grow in time to come. But of course, you don’t post garbage on your blog! There is nothing as important as good & unique content in the first place.

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